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Warning! Don’t Operate Garage Door When Springs Are Broken

Trying to open a garage door with a broken spring can seriously damage, or even destroy, the garage door opener as well as the garage door itself. Call Safeway Garage Doors to replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on your overhead garage door.

Lakeland FL area garage door service offers emergency repairs and replacement for broken garage door springs.

All garage doors are equipped with either extension springs which are located on either side of the track and used on lighter garage doors, or torsion springs which are one or two coil springs along the wall above the door opening for heavier garage doors. Garage door springs have a limited life span that is measured in cycles. A “cycle” is when your door goes up and down one time. Most residential garage doors are equipped from the manufacturer with 10,000 cycle springs. This means if you use your garage door 4 times a day, every day of the year your springs have an estimated life span of approximately 6.84 years.

If your garage spring is broken or it's nearing the end of it's life cycle, don't risk it! Call us today and we'll get it fixed for you on-the-spot!

"I heard a large bang come from my garage!"

Once your garage door springs have worn out, the coiled wire will break which instantly releases the tension, causing a loud bang that can actually echo through the house. If you’ve heard what sounds like a massive crash or bomb coming from your garage and cannot figure out what has happened, check the garage door springs.

Now You Can Get Garage Door Springs Starting As Low As $189!

A spring replacement is one of the most common repairs that garage doors require.

Safeway Garage Doors spring replacement experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly and safely perform garage door spring repair and spring replacement services.

Garage door springs should NEVER be adjusted or repaired by individuals who are not properly trained or insured to perform this service. The extreme tension can cause personal injury and property damage. Because replacing garage door springs can be dangerous, contact our pros today.

Because All Of Our Service Trucks Are Stocked With Original Manufacturer Parts we can provide on-the-spot service to get your garage door and garage door opener working quickly.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured & our incredible reputation with local residents has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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