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Garage Door Openers Installed | Lakeland FL

Homeowners trust Safeway Garage Doors with all types of garage door openers installed, including Wi-Fi from the brands homeowners trust the most like Chamberlain, Genie and Liftmaster in Lakeland, FL and surrounding locations.

Types of Garage Door Openers Installed

lakeland fl emergency garage door repairThere are essentially three types of garage door openers installed: belt drive; chain drive; and screw drive systems. While there is no one type of system that is better than the other, the chain drive is the oldest type of opener and as such is the most prevalent system in Eaton Park, Medulla and nearby communities.

On the other end of the spectrum is the belt drive. They are generally more expensive, but have the least number of moving parts resulting in the least costly opener to maintain.

Right in the middle is the belt drive opener. It is the quietest of the three types and is gaining in popularity as a result.

Our factory-trained garage door technicians will help you select the best opener for your garage door and budget. We install all makes and models from all major brands. Plus, we offer an impressive 5-year warranty on parts and a full one year warranty on labor. And our wide service area includes Kathleen Rd, Lakeland Highlands Rd and all points between.

Cost to Have Garage Door Openers Installed

The cost to have garage door openers installed in Highland City, Lakeland, Cleveland Heights and surrounding communities averages approximately $410, depending on the system involved. This is very reasonable considering everything that is required for a factory-trained technician to correctly and safely install a brand new garage door opener system. This includes, but is not limited to:

Helping homeowner to select the right opener for their garage door.

¨ Ensuring garage door and electrical components are working properly.

¨ Checking the door balance.

¨ Making any necessary adjustments to ensure garage door opens and closes properly.

¨ Performing a reversing door safety test.

¨ Connecting a Wi-Fi opener to your home network and ensuring the smart phone app and remotes are communicating with the opener.

¨ Instructing homeowners on using the opener, remote and accompanying smart phone app.

Wi-FI Garage Door Openers Installed

lakeland fl garage door opener repairOne of the most exciting new advancements in garage door openers is the addition of Wi-Fi technology that makes it easier and more convenient to remotely control your garage door than ever before. Whether you use our standalone smart phone app or other popular smart home app, you will enjoy the impressive time-saving and convenient features of a connected home experience.

For example, with a Wi-Fi garage door opener installed there is no more guessing whether your garage door is open or closed. And when a guest arrives before you do, no problem. Just open the garage door right from your smart phone even if you are clear across SR 570 at the office in South Lakeland and your home is way out near Ewell Road on the west side of town.

Contact us to have your garage door openers installed safely and correctly and look out for our bright, well marked trucks driven by our uniformed, factory-trained technicians. Licensed and insured. Employees are drug tested. 

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