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Once you are logged in

Once you are logged in click on this link or the Google Logo.
This will bring up a search result showing Safeway Garage in a big box to the right.
Click on the "Write a Review" button.

This will bring up the Review Box where you can choose
the number of stars (click the star farthest to the right for 5 stars).
Then write a short description of your experience with Safeway Garage
and Hit the Blue "Post" link on the bottom.


Start by Logging into Your Yelp Account if you have one.

If not just follow these simple instructions.
Click Here or the Yelp Logo to Start.
Click on the Red "Write a Review" Button at the top.
First Select the Number of Stars (for 5 stars click the star on the right)
then write Your Review of our com pay and click the Red Button to Post.
Then add your name and email to Verify that you are a Real Customer.
It will help the Review to work if you also Add a Profile Photo.
Next, simply click on the link in the email from Yelp to Approve the Review.