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Garage Door Springs

WARNING!: Trying To Open A Garage Door With A Broken Spring Can Seriously Damage Or Destroy The Garage Door Opener As Well As The Garage Door Itself!...

Garage door springs are extremely dangerous to work on and should be left to qualified professionals.

When a spring breaks on your garage door stop using the door PERIOD and call us for help right away!

When springs are worn out the coiled wire will break and instantly release all of the tension that was previously there to lift your door. Customers often tell us it sounds like a massive crash or like a bomb went off in their garage.

Garage door springs have a limited life span and it's is measured in cycles, when your door goes up and down once that's one cycle. Most residential garage doors are equipped from the manufacturer with 10,000 cycle springs. This means if you use your garage door 4 times a day, every day of the year your springs have an estimated life span of approximately 6.84 years.

If your garage spring is broken or it's nearing the end of it's life cycle, don't risk it! Call us today and we'll get it fixed for you on-the-spot!

Now You Can Get Garage Door Springs Starting As Low As $189!

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