Single Panel vs Sectional Garage Doors

Your garage door can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. A fresh garage door can make your home stand out from your neighbors and elevate its appearance. According to realtors, a new garage door can increase the value of a house by 1 to 4 percent. If you are thinking about having a new door hung on your garage, there are two different types that you can choose from: single panel or sectional. Both types have pros and cons. The best one for your home depends on what you are looking for.

Why choose a single panel garage door?

single panel garage doorSingle panel garage doors are the best option if affordability and aesthetics are your top priorities.

A single panel door is designed to operate on a hinge that lifts the entire door at once. After the door opens, it slides back into overhead tracks. Most older homes have a single panel garage door because sectional doors are a relatively new innovation.

Aesthetically, single panel doors are superior to sectional doors. Since the door is made up of one single panel, the design options are almost endless. Single panel doors are the best complement for older homes—from colonial to mid-century modern houses—because they are more historically accurate.

Single panel doors are usually more affordable. In most cases, a single panel door will be less expensive than a sectional door made from the same materials. The installation costs are typically lower because the garage door opening system is simpler.

Functionally, single panel doors are not as convenient or safe as sectional garage doors. Since the entire door swings up when it opens, the space in front of the garage needs to be clear. If another car is parked too close, it will be hit by the wide swing of the door. Additionally, these doors lack many of the safety features that sectional doors offer such as a sensor that automatically stops the door from closing if a person, animal or object is in the way.

Why choose a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are the best option if safety and convenience are your top priorities.

A sectional garage door is made up of panels that are attached to each other with hinges. It is opened by extension springs that pull it up tracks along the side and top of the door.

sectional garage doorFunctionally, sectional garage doors are safer and offer more convenience. You don’t have to worry about a nearby car getting hit as the door opens since the panels allow the door to smoothly move along tracks as it slides up. This design also allows for more safety features because the door opens and closes gradually. This is why a sensor that automatically stops the door if something is in the way is a standard feature with sectional doors.

Aesthetically, sectional doors tend to be less attractive and are available in more limited designs. Sectional door styles are limited because the design must accommodate being divided into 2-foot long panels.

The additional hardware and complex extension spring opening system add to the cost of buying and installing sectional doors. Despite the disadvantages, sectional doors are the most popular because of their innovative features.

Whether you choose to upgrade to a new single panel or sectional garage door, you can choose from a wide range of steal, wood and aluminum doors in many different styles. We offer a large selection of doors from all major brands. If you’re looking for a garage door to complement your home in Lakeland, FL, give our garage door gurus at Safeway Garage Doors a call! Once you find the perfect door for your home, we can professionally install it for you.