How to Secure your Garage Door for Increased Home Safety

garage door safetyWhether your garage provides direct entry into your home or not, garage door security is an important safety issue. In several ways, automatic garage doors can become vulnerable targets where thieves can get in. Even worse than being robbed, you and others in your home could be physically harmed by criminals. If you properly secure your automatic garage door, you have more reason to rest easy as you enjoy the comforts of home. Learn more below about potentially susceptible features of your automatic garage door.

The Automatic Garage Door Remote

Your automatic garage door remote can be the means for criminals to get into your garage and possibly also your home, day or night. Tips follow for ensuring that the remote control for your automatic garage door opener is not a chink in the armor of your home security:

  • Never leave your garage door remote in your vehicle unless, first, your remote control is hidden from sight, and, second, you keep the doors to your vehicle locked. Thieves are well aware that people typically clip their garage door remote onto their visor. If the doors of your vehicle aren’t locked, someone could easily swipe the remote and possibly gain entry to your property before you are even aware it’s missing.
  • Instead of keeping the remote control in your car, you may be able to get a keychain version; contact the manufacturer of your automatic garage door. Some remote controls are small enough to handily keep with your keys or tucked in a small case in a purse.

The Emergency Release Lever

An automatic garage door is extremely heavy and virtually impossible to open without either the remote control or a tug on the emergency release lever. The emergency release is there so that homeowners aren’t locked out due to a misplaced remote control. Unfortunately, there are some built-in vulnerabilities in this feature.

First of all, criminals are usually aware that it’s easy to enter someone’s garage by using a coat hanger at the top of a closed garage door to activate the emergency release. A couple of ways around this problem follow:

  • Disable the emergency release lever on your automatic garage door. The problem with this option is that you won’t be able to open the garage if your remote control is misplaced.
  • Remove the cord on the lever, which is there for your convenience. You will still be able to activate the emergency release, though not as easily. And, without the cord, it’s far less likely a criminal can activate the emergency release with a coat hanger. Some recommend rigging a lock on the release lever, but doing so may be dangerous and might negate the validity of your automatic garage door warranty.

Garage Windows and SafetyObscure the View

Don’t make it easy for thieves to see the valuables in your garage or to be able to see what they’re doing as they try to trip the emergency release lever with a coat hanger. If there are windows on your garage door and/or elsewhere in your garage, make sure no one can peek inside. You can hang curtains or shades or use frosted spray to keep would-be thieves from looking in.

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