How Scheduled Maintenance Can Save Your Garage Door

Garage Door MaintenanceScheduled maintenance for your garage door is highly recommended, and it will extend its life. An automatic garage door weighs several hundred pounds. In fact, it’s the heaviest, largest moving component of your home.

In many cases, the garage door has replaced the front door. Being the primary entrance into the home, it’s best not to neglect upkeep of your automatic garage door. Besides being a huge inconvenience, it’s possible that a malfunctioning garage door will involve falling parts that cause damage and possibly injury, as well.

The following are some of the ways garage door maintenance can save your garage door.

Catch Small Problems Before They Become Disasters

When you schedule garage door professionals to provide routine garage door maintenance, you are avoiding costly disasters. Trained technicians are able to identify small issues that can quickly turn into expensive problems. For example, if the garage door is out of alignment, it could end up bending the tracks, causing the need for complete replacement. A garage door technician performing maintenance would see the alignment issue and resolve it before anything worse happens.

Ensures Safe Use of your Garage Door

A malfunctioning garage door can become a safety hazard. Various problems can occur that could potentially lead to disaster. Examples are problems with the auto-reverse safety features, torsion springs, and alignment and balance of the garage doors. During planned maintenance, all aspects of the automatic garage doors’ operation are carefully inspected. Adjustments are made to ensure that the garage door works properly and doesn’t create a danger to anyone.

Extends your Garage Door’s Lifespan

A well-maintained high-caliber garage door can last up to 20 years or more. A belt- or chain-drive garage door can be operational for 15 years-plus, as long as it is maintained. With planned maintenance, repairs will be made occasionally and parts will be replaced, as needed. Maintenance checks are similar to automobile tune-ups and will keep your garage door in good working condition. The door could last potentially for as long as you live in your home.

Equips You to Identify Problems

When a garage door technician performs inspections and makes adjustments, you could benefit from the experience. If you are fortunate, the technician will go through the basics of garage door operation and how to keep it in top condition. You can learn what you should look and listen for, as far as identifying potential problems that require attention from a garage door professional.

Bonus Perk: Increases Home Value

When you keep records of planned maintenance performed on your garage door, it will provide potential buyers with evidence that it is in top-notch condition. Home buyers consider a well-maintained automatic garage door an asset that’s worth paying extra for.

A Few Examples of Garage Door Maintenance Tasks

Garage Door MaintenancePlanned maintenance can save your garage door because it’s heavy and many things could possibly go wrong with it. the following are a few of the things that go on during maintenance:

  • Moving components of the garage door are adjusted and lubricated. Such components include rollers, pulleys, torsion springs, cables, nuts, and bolts.
  • The balance of the door is tested and adjusted.
  • The electronic safety features of the door are tested, including anti-entrapment features.
  • Radio receivers, remote controls, and other electrical components of the garage door opener are inspected.
  • Weather stripping is checked for damage and wear.

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