The Pros & Cons of Different Garage Door Styles

steel garage door repair in lakeland flWe live in a world of choices and shopping for a new garage door is no different. From wood to steel to carriage house, there are a number of styles to choose from. Since trying to decide which garage door style is best for your home and budget, here are the pros and cons of three different garage door styles:

Steel Doors

Drive down any street and you will find many homes with steel garage doors. It is among the most common types of garage doors in neighborhoods around the country. They are available in a number of appealing configurations, colors and styles that will complement the exterior of any home.


While steel garage doors offer a number of advantages, its affordability is a big advantage making them extremely attractive for homeowners on a budget.  Also, steel is a better insulator than wood which helps to keep the garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter. And since it does not rust and is naturally resistant to bacteria and pests, it requires little maintenance.  Another big advantage is its longer warranty period with many offering a lifetime warranty.


Steel garage doors have a few disadvantages and its lighter weight and ability to dent or scratch easily is among them. Also, not all steel doors are created equal, so look for doors with higher gauge for more durability. Finally, steel doors are available in only a few standard sizes and may not be a good fit for garages that need a special or custom size door.

Wood Doors

There is nothing like the sophisticated style and timeless elegance of wood garage doors to elevate your home with a luxurious appearance. And many homeowners choose this classic garage door style for its ability to beautifully suit any home.  Whether you choose the dark rich woods of mahogany or the lighter side of pine, the unique grain patterns embossed in the wood is like a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is cleverly simple and pure.


Wood garage doors are available in a wide variety of specs, colors and designs that will instantly enhance the curb appeal of any home. But it is the sheer strength and durability that sets it apart from other types of doors. Because wood is a naturally sustainable resource it is often the preferred choice for homeowners who prefer an eco-friendly solution.


Aside from wood garage doors being higher priced than most other types of doors, it also requires more maintenance to preserve the wood. Wood is prone to rotting from the constant exposure to moisture and the UV rays from the sun can cause it to fade requiring additional painting, staining and water proofing every few years. Also, pests and termites are often attracted to untreated wood.  Wood garage doors generally have a one year warranty which is considerably shorter than other types of doors.

Carriage house

With its distinctive swing-out doors and country vibe, the carriage house style is an unmistakable and charming focal point for discerning homeowners desiring the ultimate in curb appeal. Carriage house garage doors are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colors for a personalized appearance.


One big advantage of carriage house garage doors is that its one of the few styles that can be customized for any garage making it a great fit for oversize and custom garages. It’s also available in both wood and steel giving the homeowner complete control over the design of the door. A large selection of decorative accessories finishes the carriage house door for a truly unique design that reflects the style and tastes of any homeowner. And its unique and charming character creates a focal point that enhances the overall aesthetics of the home exterior for the ultimate curb appeal.


Since carriage house doors swing outward they require more driveway space and may not be a good fit where space is limited. Also, carriage house doors are typically more expensive than other styles. And there is also a longer installation process to complete the customization options specified by the homeowner.

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