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The New American Front Door (Your Garage Door)

Do you remember the last time you used the front door? Don’t worry you’re in good company. For most residents, especially in Florida, the garage door is the front door. Walk around the neighborhood on the weekend and you will often see folks hanging out and chatting with friends and neighbors in front of the Read more…

Garage Door Life Span

Your garage door has a busy life constantly going up and down flawlessly on your command. But as with most mechanical equipment, they can fail to perform when you least expect it. Your garage door is meticulously assembled with a variety of mechanical components that include the door, opener and springs, for instance. Since each Read more…

Why is my Garage Door Noisy?

You’re garage door is a work-horse going up and down several times a day for years without a hitch. Then all of a sudden you hear an annoying sound. You ignore it at first hoping it will disappear. But it doesn’t and you begin to wonder why my garage door is so noisy? Your garage Read more…