How to Open a Garage Door During a Power Outage

winter haven fl garage door repairsThe garage door is one of those modern conveniences that many of us simply can’t live without. In fact, most homeowners use the garage door more often than their front door. We rely on the garage door so often that we often forget that it runs on electricity. That is until the power goes out leaving many stranded homeowners wondering how to open a garage door during a power outage.

Emergency Release

All automatic garage door openers have an emergency release handle that enables the door to be disengaged from the opener for manual operation. Depending on your make and model, you might have a red lever, handle or rope that is attached to the opener trolley. For your safety, it is best to pull the emergency release handle when the door is in the down or closed position. Once the door is disengaged from the opener you will be able manually open and close the door.

On the other hand, if the power failure occurred while the door is open, you will need to pull the release to close the door. Before doing so, make sure there are no obstructions under the door – including people, pets, and objects. When you pull the release, the door may slam to the ground. When power is restored, make sure the garage door is closed and re-engage the opener. Refer to the user manual for your garage door for more specific instructions on manual operation for your brand and model.

Manual Operation Safety

A power outage may last anywhere from a few minutes to hours or days. It is important to note that your automatic opener is designed to allow your garage door to easily open or close manually. This means anyone can open the door. So, it’s important to take some safety precautions when your garage door is expected to be in manual mode for an extended period of time.  An automatic garage door lock set can provide you with additional security and peace of mind by making it more difficult for unauthorized visitors to access your garage whether there is electricity or not. It will also prevent individuals from using a wire hanger or something similar to trip the emergency release from the outside.

auburndale fl installing garage door springsEmergency Garage Door Repair

You should be able to manually raise and lower your garage door fairly easily and smoothly. If it is unusually difficult to open, do not force it. You could snap a tension spring. Contact your Safeway garage door technician as soon as possible.

You may also need the assistance of a garage door repair technician when a short or other electrical malfunction in the automatic opener tripped a circuit breaker resulting in a loss of power to your garage.