Mother Nature vs. Your Garage Door

lakeland fl garage door repair guru'sYour garage door stands tall ready to battle anything that Mother Nature throws its way including extreme heat, wind, rain, and snow. And without proper maintenance, garage doors will eventually begin to show signs of wear tear and lose its effectiveness. The experts at Safe Way Garage Doors recommend the following six tips for maintaining your garage door ready to battle all types of weather conditions:

Weather stripping

When your garage door was originally installed it most likely included a weather strip to form an airtight seal and to prevent the door from scraping the surface of your garage. But this rubber material can lose its effectiveness with the normal wear and tear of cycling up and down. Also, extreme hot and cold weather can cause the material to crack and deteriorate allowing the outside elements inside the garage. To remain effective, weather stripping on the bottom and sides of the door should be replaced when missing or damaged.


Waterproofing a wood garage door is a very effective way of battling the forces of Mother Nature. Moisture is the mortal enemy of many materials like wood, aluminum and certain types of metal that can lead to rotting or rust. A waterproof coating gives your door a protective shield that will repel moisture like rain and snow to preserve the door. It will need to be re-applied every few years to remain effective.


An insulated Safe Way steel garage door will not only provide protection in climates that experience significant swings in hot and cold temperatures, it will also increase energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs. Regardless of the weather outside, the inside of your garage will remain at a comfortable temperature all year long. After market garage door insulation kits are also available and should be installed by a garage door professional.

Repaint your garage door

Your garage door bravely faces Mother Nature everyday, but it is no match for the sun’s harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays that can zap the color right out of the door. Repainting your door with a high quality exterior acrylic paint that offers UV protection can restore your garage door to its glorious like-new condition ready to battle the forces of nature another day.

Repair damaged door panels

The forces of Mother Nature can be quite powerful lashing out violent storms that produce heavy winds, pounding rain and damaging hail that can damage individual garage door panels. Because the garage door is an important component in providing stability to your home’s foundation, it is important to repair damaged door panels as soon as possible. In addition, the weaken structure of a garage door can be a safety risk and cause extensive property damage and injuries.

Wind-resistant garage doors

great garage door replacements near lakeland flMore than 50 percent of the U.S. population resides in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes where wind speeds can exceed 80 mph. These types of high wind conditions can blow out a standard garage door destabilizing most, if not all of a home.  Safe Way offers a wide selection of stylish wind load doors that meet or exceed International Building Code (IBC) and Florida Building Code (FBC) standards. 


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