An Introduction to Garage Doors

Lakeland Garage Door ProsLike most families, your garage door goes up and down several times a day. Leaving for work, kids going to school, a trip to the grocery store. But how much do you really know about your garage door? Sure, you press the button and it magically works. And like most things in life your garage door ages, too. Some more gracefully than others. Since there comes a time when even the most hard-working garage doors require repair or replacement, here are a few things you should know about garage doors.


Garage doors are available in several different materials, including aluminum, steel and wood. Aluminum doors are lightweight, energy efficient and affordable. Steel doors are the most durable and are an excellent choice for insulating to maximize energy efficiency. Wood doors are also very durable, and its natural appearance is welcomed by many homeowners wishing to improve curb appeal. But they do require additional maintenance to protect against UV exposure, moisture and pests. Safe-Way also offers steel and aluminum garage doors with an authentic wood grain appearance giving homeowners the best of both worlds.

Insulated Doors

Safe-Way offers both insulated and non-insulated garage doors. The level of insulation is measured by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the more insulation the garage door offers. An insulated garage door keeps the garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also lowers energy costs by preventing the indoor air from mixing with the air outside. An insulated garage door is an excellent choice for homeowners that spend considerable time in the garage. For homeowners that live on the eastern seaboard, wind load doors give additional protection against high velocity winds associated with hurricanes and tornadoes. Homeowners should choose garage doors with wind load ratings for their geographic area.

Garage Door Anatomy

garage door outdoor lighting in brandon flThe anatomy of your garage door comprises of several different components:

Panels: Your garage door consists of several aluminum, steel or wood panels that are fastened together with bolts. These panels allow the door to roll-up overhead in the garage.

Guide Rails: The guide rails ensure that the garage door stays on course and operates smoothly when it is in motion.

Rollers: These nylon, plastic or metal wheels are designed to guide the garage door along the rails during its operation.

Springs: Depending on your garage door model, it will have one or more springs. The springs provide the torque needed to raise the door and the stored energy to lower it.

Cables: The cables are connected between the trolley and springs to guide the door as it is raised and lowered along the rails.

If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement, contact your local Safe-Way Garage Door dealer for assistance today!