Important Garage Door Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

gargare door safety inspection and sensor repair in lbrandon flSummer is here and that means school is out. With kids and pets playing outside, this is a great time to remind parents and homeowners to use proper safety around garage doors. We’ve put together a list of important safety tips every homeowner should practice.

Test Auto-Reversing Sensor

Automatic garage doors openers manufactured in 1993 and later are required to have an auto-reversing sensor to prevent people and pets from getting injured if they are in the path of a closing door. Homeowners should test this safety feature every month to ensure it is operating properly. To test, place a small object, like a 2×4 on the floor of the garage door. Press the button to close the door. The door should automatically reverse when encountering the object. If you happen to have an older garage door opener without this important safety feature, it is advisable to upgrade to a newer model as soon as possible to avoid injuries or death.

Inspect Emergency Manual Release

Your garage door is equipped with an emergency manual release. This allows homeowners to manually open or close the door in the event the automatic opener is inoperable, such as in a power failure. Homeowners should periodically inspect the emergency release handle to ensure it is in working order. First, make sure the garage door is completely closed. Then pull the red emergency release cord. The garage door is now disengaged from the opener. You should be able to manually raise and lower the garage door with ease. Finally, re-connect the emergency release to the trolley. Please note that your model’s emergency release may work differently. Consult your owner’s manual or local garage door pro for instructions that pertain to your specific opener model.

Upgrade to a Smart Home Automatic Garage Door Opener

Newer garage door openers like our LiftMaster series incorporate exclusive MyQ technology safety enhancements. Some of our exciting new features include Security+ 2.0™ automatic rolling codes that prevents unauthorized persons from stealing your garage door code and entering your garage without permission.  And with our convenient smart phone app, you can monitor and control your garage door remotely from anywhere in the world. No more having to leave your garage door remote in the car or trying to remember access codes. And our patented PosiLock® system keeps your garage door securely locked when the door is closed without the need for additional hardware.

Make Sure Your Garage Door is Well Lit at Night

Accidents do happen and accidentally bumping into the garage door with a vehicle is one of the most common driveway mishaps. Most of the time, these types of accidents occur at night while backing into the driveway.  Even if your garage door doesn’t appear to be damaged or appears to be working properly, it could be knocked out of balance. A garage door that is not properly aligned or balanced could come crashing down at any time causing injuries and/or property damage. Make sure your garage door is well lit at night and avoid backing in your driveway or out of your garage when the door is closed.

lakeland fl garage door repair and inspectionAnnual Garage Door Safety Inspection

We encourage homeowners to contact us to schedule an annual safety inspection. Our factory-trained technicians will conduct a multi-point safety inspection to ensure your garage door is operating properly. The technician will also recommend replacement of any worn parts that could save you lots of time and money from unexpected repairs and service calls.

On behalf of everyone at Safe Way Garage Door, have a happy and safe summer.