Want to know if you have a Hurricane Rated Garage Door?


Hurricanes are a normal part of life here in Florida. Preparing ahead of time for the heavy rains and high winds that come along with hurricane season is the best way to reduce the risk of severe damage to your home. One way that you can do this is by checking to see if your garage door has the recommended Hurricane or Wind Rating and Impact Rating for your area. Ensuring that you have a garage door with the recommended Hurricane/Wind Rating and Impact Rating for your location can prevent the risk of a ruined garage door and garage doors damage.Hurricane Rated garage door in Lakeland FL

What does Hurricane/Wind Rated mean?

“Hurricane Rated” is a term that we hear from customers frequently, but it is not the actual term that is used by garage door manufacturers or insurance companies. What the customer usually wants to know is how their garage door is “Wind Rated”. A Wind Rated door has been designed and tested to ensure it can withstand specific wind speeds (mph) and meets local building codes. For example, your garage door may be wind rated to withstand 140mph winds, 150 mph winds, 160 mph winds, or higher.

What’s Impact Rated mean?

A garage door that is “Impact Rated” has been designed and tested to withstand large-missile impact. If your door is Impact Rated it should be able to withstand the impact of 3 objects roughly the size of a 2×4 shot with the force of a canon. Under these conditions, it should still be operable and have no holes larger than 3 inches.

Impact Ratings are not as common as Wind Ratings. This rating is sometimes called Miami-Dade Rating because Florida’s Dade County is the main place where this rating is required though it has been spreading through northern Florida. Some insurance companies specifically ask for this rating. Having a garage door that is Impact Rated may reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

What’s the Wind Rating and Impact Rating of my garage door?

Hurricane certified garage door in Auburndale FLLook on your garage door to find the wind load sticker. This sticker should list the manufacturer’s name, model number and design pressures. Once you have found this sticker and written down the information on it, you can look up your door’s Wind and Impact Ratings on the Florida Product Approval Website.

On the website, enter the manufacturer’s name from the wind load sticker under Product Manufacturer. Under Category, select Exterior Doors and, under Subcategory, select Sectional Exterior Door Assembly. Then search.

The search will bring up a list of the products made by that manufacturer. Look through the list until you find your door’s model number. When you click on the model number for your garage door, a new page should popup that lists the product description
and details. You should find the rating information on this page.

If you have difficulty finding your door on the website or don’t want to read through technical jargon to find your garage door’s hurricane rating, you can call on a local garage door expert like Safeway Garage Doors! Tell us the manufacturer’s name, garage door model number and design pressures from the wind load sticker. We can let you know the wind rating and impact rating of your garage door and whether or not it will provide maximum protection for your home.