Terrific Garage Door Trends for 2019

Exciting things are happening with garage doors, and they are reflected in the top three 2019 garage door trends. In the same way outdoor kitchens have extended living space, garages are doing the same. More functional than ever, garages are no longer mere parking spots. Man caves, workshops, craft rooms, and home storage are all found in garages and protected by modern, updated garage doors. Check out 2019 trends in garage doors below.

1st 2019 Garage Door Trend: Design Style

Custom Garage Door TrendsThe versatility of garage doors today is mindboggling, particularly when compared to yesteryear. Nowadays, you have options in garage door materials, design, style, color, energy efficiency, and more. Your uniqueness can be reflected in the entranceway to your garage. If you choose, your garage door can serve to complement the style of your home in stunning fashion. Virtually any garage door you imagine can be designed and built, and that may not even be the best of the 2019 garage door trends.

2nd 2019 Garage Door Trend: Energy Efficiency

Garages are approximately one-quarter the size of their adjoining homes. Hence, an energy efficient garage can cut the cost of your utility bill month after month; and an insulated garage door helps make the savings happen. The following are three ways insulated garage doors contribute significantly to a home’s energy efficiency:

  • If a room is above the garage, the air temperature in the garage seeps up to the floor of the room. When the garage door is insulated, garage temperatures are relatively stabilized, which helps to reduce temperature fluctuation in the living space above, as well.
  • If you have an attached garage that leads directly into your home, the air in the garage can travel into your living space. It reduces the transfer of hot, warm, or cold air if the garage doors are insulated, keeping temperatures stable.
  • The temperature range in your garage will be more comfortable, even if outdoor conditions are harsh, if you have insulated garage doors. On cold winter days, the garage will stay more bearable than the out-of-doors. On scorching summer days, the garage won’t feel suffocating if the doors are insulated.

3rd 2019 Garage Door Trend: Smart Technology

smart home technology garage doorsGarage doors are now in on the wondrous convenience of smartphones. Indeed, garage doors with artificial intelligence are trending in 2019. The following are the types of things you can expect to do as you manage your garage door from your smartphone:

  • Anytime there is activity with your garage doors, you can receive real-time alerts.
  • From anywhere in the world, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that the garage door, a main point of access to your home, is closed and secure.
  • If you are unsure of the current status of your garage door, you can check on it from any remote location.
  • Your smartphone can control not just one but two garage doors simultaneously.

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