Why is my Garage Door Noisy?

garage door installations in lakeland flYou’re garage door is a work-horse going up and down several times a day for years without a hitch. Then all of a sudden you hear an annoying sound. You ignore it at first hoping it will disappear. But it doesn’t and you begin to wonder why my garage door is so noisy?

Your garage door operates on a mechanical chain, screw or belt driven system. When engaged, the motor lifts the door up and down into the desired position like an elevator. It’s a simple concept, but it has a number of moving parts like gears and sprockets, a pulley chain or belt, clutch and safety break that work in unison. After years of frequent usage, you may begin to hear signs of wear. These noises can be anything from a polite little squeak to a grinding roar. It’s the system’s way of letting you know that there may be something wrong.

A squeaky sound as the garage door is going up and down is one of the most common noises heard. This is often caused by friction of the nylon rollers rubbing along the guide rail. Also, dust from the garage environment can build-up either on the rail itself or inside the rollers making it difficult for the door to move freely. Clearing away any accumulated dust and debris and a quick spray with a silicone lubricant usually silences the noise. Also, cracks may have formed in some or all of the material on the rollers due to environmental conditions or age. Contacting a garage door repair specialist to replace the rollers will eliminate the noise.

Do you ever hear a loud “pop, pop, pop” sound? These firecracker-like noises are generally heard if the door is out of alignment. This can be due to a number of other issues such as a problem with the torsion system, or it could be something as simple as a broken or loose hinge that holds the rollers in place on either side of the garage door.

But sometimes your garage door starts grumbling with a distinctive angry rumbling noise as it retracts. More than likely the torsion springs need to lubricated. Torsion springs are attached to the torsion pole just above the door to keep it in balance. The use of a lubricant may eliminate the rumbling noise. If replacement is necessary, however, it should only be done by a garage door repair professional.

garage door opener installation lakeland flHowever, if you’re hearing noises from the garage door motor itself, such as a horrible grinding sound in screw drive openers, for instance, is often an indication that the motor is beginning to fail. Screw drive systems contain a trolley consisting of plastic teeth that run alongside the screw on the opener rail. When the plastic teeth begin to deteriorate, a loud grinding noise is heard.

Keeping both the opener and the garage door properly lubricated can quiet many noisy issues. To avoid the risk of serious injury or death, you should never attempt to remove the cover of a garage door opener and try to fix it yourself.




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