Garage Door Life Span

Your garage door has a busy life constantly going up and down flawlessly on your command. But as with most mechanical equipment, they can fail to perform when you least expect it. Your garage door is meticulously assembled with a variety of mechanical components that include the door, opener and springs, for instance. Since each component has different patterns of wear, many homeowners often wonder how long these parts last.

How long do Garage Door Openers last?

garage door opener install lakeland flWell, you can expect garage door openers, the motorized device inside the garage, to have a life expectancy of at least 10 years with normal use. There are different types of openers like chain, belt and screw drives and some systems will last longer than others. But if your garage door becomes warped or damaged due to weather or other environmental conditions, it can put a strain on the opener resulting in a premature failure. But here’s the good news: You can help prolong the life of your garage door opener and even help prevent premature failure with professional maintenance. A garage door maintenance technician will perform a visual inspection of the entire system, lubricate any necessary parts and make sure the garage door is properly balanced, for example.


How long do Garage Doors last?

installing garage doors bartow flFortunately, garage doors have a lengthy life, about 15 years on average, depending on quality and environmental conditions, of course. But older garage doors are heavier and when they begin to show signs of wear can result in premature failure of other mechanical components.

However, you can head off many of these unfortunate surprises and increase the useful life expectancy by simply replacing an older garage door. There are other benefits as well:

• New garage doors are better insulated and more energy efficient.

• They have updated security features that add another layer of protection for your home.

• They are much safer than older doors showing signs of heavy wear and other damage.

• Newer doors require less maintenance than their older counterparts.

• A more modern design and decorative features can enhance your home’s appearance.

How long do Garage Door Springs last?

auburndale fl installing garage door springsBecause your garage door is dependent on torsion and tension springs in order for it to rise and close, they are the most important garage door components. Most experts will tell you that garage door springs will last about 10,000 cycles. Each time the door opens and closes is considered a cycle. But who’s counting? So you can expect garage door springs to last approximately 7 years with daily use in a 2-car garage household. But it’s not advisable to wait that long before replacement. As the springs stretch with wear, the increased pressure can strain the motor. You can save money on unexpected repairs with an annual garage door inspection. This will allow a technician to replace the door springs before they have an opportunity to let you down when you least expect it.

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