Why Did My Garage Door Fall Off the Track?

Garage door off track - repairs and replacement in Lakeland FLIt never fails, your garage door was working fine when you arrived home after work the night before, but as you are leaving for work the next morning, you are shocked to find the garage door has fallen off the track! It appears to have happened out of the blue. But garage door problems don’t just happen, these mechanical devices are simply responding to hidden problems or worn out parts. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why your garage door fell off the track.

Vehicle impact

Believe it or not, vehicle impacts are the most common causes of a garage door mishap. Just a small tap while backing out can be enough to knock the door out of balance or bend the panels. Even if everything looks fine and appears to be in working order, repeated use of the garage door after an impact could cause further damage until it eventually falls of the track.

Loose or bent track

Another reason for your garage door falling is a loose or bent track, especially in older opener models. Older openers are more susceptible to vibrations as the garage door is raised or lowered. After years of use, the screws that hold the tracks in place could become loosened sending the rollers off the track with the garage door along with it. Also, in many homes the tracks are screwed into a wood door frame. The deterioration of the wood frame from moisture, insects, heat and other issues could also cause the track to become loose; and, finally the metal tracks could become bent out of shape due to the heat. Any of these issues could cause the garage door to fall of the tracks.

Tension spring snapped

The tension spring is the one garage door component that does the heavy lifting. It provides the energy and torque that the automatic opener needs to raise and lower the door. These springs may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Failure to replace a worn tension spring or replacing a garage door with a door that is too heavy for your opener could cause the tension springs to wear out prematurely or even snap.

garage door spring repairs near lakeland flWhat to do next

When a garage door falls of the track it can be a very frightening experience. Stay calm and keep everyone away from the garage, especially small children and pets. Summon emergency help if anyone was injured from the falling door. You may also want to contact your vehicle or homeowner’s insurance company if there is any property damage. Then contact your Lakeland-local Safe Way Garage Door dealer for immediate repair by a certified garage door repair technician.  Our trained and friendly technicians will inspect the door and make the necessary repairs. Depending on the damage, the garage door may need to be replaced. We carry a full line of garage doors for every taste, style and budget.