Garage door SOS: can it be repaired?

Garage Door RepairsThere are only a handful of problems that call for a garage door replacement. If your garage door suddenly stops working or starts to malfunction, there may be a simple solution that a garage door specialist can repair without the need to replace the whole system.

We have compiled a list of the top reasons for garage door repairs and replacement. Use this list to get an idea of what to expect when you have trouble with your garage door.

Regardless of whether your door needs repaired or replaced, it is important to act quickly and call on a professional who specializes in garage doors instead of attempting to do it yourself. Typical garage doors weigh between 150 to 400 pounds. A malfunctioning garage door can be a serious safety hazard especially for children and pets. Every year, more than 13,000 people seek medical attention for garage related injuries according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). Trying a DIY fix can be equally hazardous.

The springs that are attached to the door are extremely dangerous to work with because of the tension in the spring that’s needed to balance and lift the door. If the spring is improperly released or breaks while you are attempting a DIY fix, it could be fatal. Garage door experts have the experience necessary to repair and replace your garage door safely. They also understand the complexity of the electrical system and powerful motor that makes your garage door system work. Along with risking serious injury, you could create additional problems by attempting to repair your own garage door. Calling on a professional will save you time and money in the long run.

Top Reasons Garage Doors Need Repaired

1. Your garage door stops working suddenly.

A sudden break is usually the sign of an isolated problem. Typically, the issue can be resolved quickly without the need to replace the door. But, before you call on an expert, make sure to check the batteries in your garage door opener! You would be surprised how often we are called out to fix a perfectly functioning door because, in the stress of the moment, the resident didn’t think to check the batteries in their garage door opener. Once you have ruled out dead batteries as the problem, give an expert a call!

2. Your garage door vibrates or jerks as it is opening.

Your garage door should open smoothly. If it is vibrating or jerking on the way up, it is a sign that the lifting cables are damaged or broken. A broken roller can also cause this type of problem. You should call on a professional as soon as possible even though your door is still opening. Continuing to use your garage door when it is doing this can cause additional damage to the opening system which may increase the cost of repairs or lead to the need for a replacement.

3. Your garage door feels heavy when you lift it or is slow to open and close.

Lifting your garage door should be easy because of the springs that are a part of the lifting mechanism. It should also open and close quickly. Feeling heavy to lift and moving slowly are indicators that the springs on the door are either starting to wear out or are no longer capable of bearing the door’s weight. Replacing the springs is an affordable and simple fix for a professional. Be sure to have both springs replaced at the same time even if only one has a problem. Replacing only one spring will make your door unbalanced which can result in serious damage to the whole system over time.

4. Your garage door is making a loud, grating noise when it opens.

Hearing quiet mechanical sounds as your garage door opens is normal but a loud clanking sound is not. Usually, if a garage door is opening loudly, it is a sign that the steel tracks the door is on are damaged. A garage door expert can replace the bent or twisted tracks without the need to install a new door unless there are additional problems.

5. Your garage door has a damaged panel.

Physical damage from an errant baseball or a small spot of rust on one panel can be fixed by switching out that panel. Most factory manufactured doors offer replacement panels. Replacing one damaged panel is a cost-effective solution. If more than one panel is dented or rusting, it is often cheaper to replace the entire door than two or three panels.

6. Your garage door sags on one side.

Your garage door should not pull on one side more than another as it opens and closes. If you notice that one side is moving faster than another or that one side sags when the door is closed, it means that your door is unbalanced. An unbalanced door is a sign that one spring has worn out before the other. Since the weak spring can’t pull its weight, the other must compensate. This puts extra strain on the whole system which can cause serious damage to the lifting mechanism and motor if it is not repaired quickly. When caught early, this problem can be solved by having a professional replace both springs and rehang the door.

Top Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

1. Your garage door has had a long-term problem.

Garage Door Track ProblemsProblems tend to compound over time when they are unaddressed. Small issues like an unbalanced door or warped tracks can eventually cause damage to the entire system if you continue to use your garage door without fixing the problem. If your garage door hasn’t been functioning right for months or years, it is likely that the only solution will be a new garage door.

2. You want to improve your home’s safety.

Discovering that your home has been broken into is alarming and can leave you feeling unsafe. Many older garage doors are easy to open with a universal garage door opener or by breaking the lifting mechanism. New garage doors have complex security systems that prevent them from being easily broken into or hacked. If you are concerned about your home’s security or feeling uneasy after your home has been broken into, installing a new door is a good way to protect your home and help you sleep more easily at night.

3. You are concerned about your home’s energy efficiency.

Your garage door can affect your home’s energy efficiency if your garage is attached to your house. Significant temperature difference between your house and garage can make your energy bills spike. New garage doors have improved weather stripping, better insulation and are made of more energy efficient materials than older doors. Replacing your garage door is a good long-term investment to reduce your annual heating and cooling costs.

4. Your garage door lacks safety sensors.

Old garage doors often do not have safety sensors that will stop the door from closing if the sensor is blocked. It is extremely dangerous to use a garage door that does not have this safety feature especially if you have children or pets. Adults, children and pets can be killed or severely injured by a garage door if it closes on them. While it may be possible to add this feature to your garage door, in most cases, the best solution is to have a new door installed.

5. Your garage door is rusted or has multiple damaged panels.

Rusty components on your garage door and damaged sections aren’t only eyesores, they can also make your door operate poorly. Unless the rust or damage is confined to one panel, the best solution is a new garage door. The improved operation, energy efficiency and safety of your garage door are worth the investment along with the aesthetic benefits.

6. You want to improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Having a garage door replaced is one of the top three home improvements to make a house more marketable. Of those three, it is the most affordable (compared to deck installation and siding replacement). A new garage door can refresh the look of your home along with increasing its safety and efficiency. According to experienced realtors, investing in a new garage door can increase the resale of a house by 1 – 4% and help your home sell fast.

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