What does it Cost to Replace a Garage Door? A Look at Cost vs. Value

auburndale fl garage door repair specialistFor many families today, the garage door is the main point of entry in the house cycling up and down more than one thousand times per year. And just like anything else, normal wear and tear will eventually necessitate the need to replace the garage door. So if you’re one of the many homeowners in the market for a new garage door you’re probably wondering what it will cost.

Garage Door Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a garage door will vary based on your location, material type and whether or not it is insulated, among other factors, but the national average, including installation, is $1,064, according to HomeAdvisor. While most contractors include the removal of your old door in the installation, it is always best to make sure that is the case in your situation to avoid any surprises. Safe-Way Garage Doors offers a range of styles and designs from economical garage doors for a low-cost replacement in its Choice and Deluxe collections to designer models in their Abient and Ventana Series.

Cost vs. Value

The benefits that a new garage door provides will outweigh the cost. One way to understand value is to consider the cost of not replacing the garage door. As the garage door ages, normal wear and tear can reduce its performance. Wood garage doors, for example, may show signs of rotting, warping and other damages. Aluminum doors may become dented from rain, wind and snow and show signs of warping from the damaging effects of the sun that weaken the door. This can allow moisture, debris and insets to enter the garage.

Also, an older garage door is less secure. Your home is less secure if thieves can more easily break into your home through a garage door that has seen better days.

Newer garage door models are stronger and lighter than previous models. Plus, homeowners replacing aluminum or fiberglass doors with a steel garage door can further increase the value of their investment with less maintenance. That’s because steel doors do not rust, warp or dent. In fact, Safe-Way Garage Doors offers a lifetime warranty on most steel garage door models. There are even steel doors that resemble the appearance of real wood giving homeowners a natural appearance without the maintenance. Also, insulated garage doors can improve energy efficiency reducing heating and cooling costs. This is a great advantage for homes with a finished garage.

Return on Investment

installing & repairing garage doors in valricoBut what if you could get back most of the money you spend on a new garage door? A new garage door improves curb appeal and can even boost the resale value of your home by as much as $2,810, based on 2017 estimates from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report. The average homeowner can expect to recover more than 80% of their garage door investment. There aren’t many other types of low-cost home improvement projects that have that kind of return on investment (ROI).


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