Common Garage Door Irritations and How to Solve Them

Stuck Garage DoorGarage door issues can be a big irritation. Most of us rely on our car to run errands and get to and from work every day. Something as simple as a malfunctioning garage door opener can completely throw off your morning when you are in a hurry to get to the office. Below is a list of the most common garage door complaints we hear and how we solve them.

1. Noisy Garage Door

Harsh grinding sounds or clanking are usually a sign that your garage door needs to be repaired. There are several different problems that can make your garage door noisy such as loose components or worn out hinges or rollers. An experienced garage door technician will be able to assess the problem for you and determine the best solution. It is possible that the garage door components are noisy because they need lubrication. If your garage door is squeaking when it moves, applying lubrication to the squeaking parts should solve the problem.

2. Garage Door Goes Off the Rails

When your garage door goes off the rails, or tracks, it can cause big problems. Your garage door may constantly jam when you try to open or close it. If the problem is bad enough, it may not open or close at all. A skilled technician can solve this problem for you by getting the door back onto the tracks or replacing the tracks if they are damaged.

3. Worn Out Garage Door Springs

If your garage door must be closed manually and slams shut without control when it closes, it means that the springs are bad. Using a garage door with bad springs is a serious safety risk. Garage doors can weigh between 130 and 400 pounds. A child or adult caught under the closing garage door could be severely hurt or killed. Replacing garage door springs, yourself is also extremely dangerous if you do not have experience. A skilled garage door technician can repair your door by replacing them for you.

4. Garage Door Immediately Opens After Closing

This is one problem you can easily solve on your own. The safety sensors on your garage door are the most likely culprit if the door immediately re-opens after beginning to close. To prevent children, animals and adults from being crushed by the garage door, there are sensors near the bottom. If an object is in the path of the door, the sensors will send a signal to the door to send it back up. Making sure that nothing is blocking the sensors or falling into its path should solve this problem.

5. Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

Garage Door OpenerUsually, when a garage door opener fails it needs new batteries. If replacing the batteries doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend getting a new garage door opener. We can help you setup a new opener with additional safety features such as increased protection from a break in.

Finding a garage door repair service that you trust can reduce your stress when your garage door malfunctions. Safe Way Garage Doors is relied on by residents across Polk County and Eastern Hillsborough County Florida for our commitment to customer service and expert garage door maintenance. Give us a call if you need help with your garage door!