Why Homeowners Should Be Concerned about Bowed or Warped Garage Doors

car ran into garage door repairYou come home from a long day at work and notice that your garage door doesn’t look right. It looks like the middle of the door is smashed in. Not sure what to do next, you call the family together for a meeting. Everyone comes outside to check it out, but nobody knows what happened either.

How did this happen to my garage door?

There are several explanations for a bowed a garage door: First, the garage door may have been struck by a low speed impact with a high clearance vehicle like an SUV or truck that accidentally backed in to the garage door.  In fact, homeowners backing into their garage door is one of the most common driveway accidents. Second, Mother Nature may be to blame. When wind speed and direction are in alignment, a sudden gust of high velocity winds could push in and bend out of shape one or more panels causing an aluminum or steel garage door to bow under the pressure. Finally, your garage door opener may be running out of steam. A weakened automatic opener system that is no longer able to lift the weight of your garage door can also cause bowing.

Garage door safety hazard

A bowed garage door is a serious safety hazard that can result in extensive property damage, severe injury or death if not repaired as soon as possible. This is because bowing reduces the structural integrity of the door. And a sudden failure could cause the entire door to collapse from the rail sending a 150-pound door onto a vehicle or anyone that happens to be in the way.

How to fix a bowed garage door

Fixing a bowed garage door depends on the cause and extent of the damage. For instance, if it was the result of an impact and the damage is limited, replacing the damaged panels may be sufficient. In other cases, where the damage is extensive, or the result of a garage door opener, a full replacement may be necessary. If you live in a climate where high winds are common, like in Florida, Texas and along the Eastern seaboard, installing wind load doors rated for your locality can make bowing from weather-related conditions a less common occurrence.  Homeowners can also reduce the risk of bowing by upgrading to 24-guage or 25-guage steel garage doors.

Due to the size and weight of your garage door (it can weigh over 150 pounds), fixing bowed garage doors is best handled by a qualified garage door repair technician. Our Safe-Way garage door technicians are factory-trained and authorized to repair most garage doors. They carry specialized equipment and tools that allows them to perform repairs with quality and safety in mind.

Prevent garage door warping

wood garage door install and garage door repair in lakeland flWood garage doors have an authentic and impressive appearance, but they are prone to warping. Heavy moisture, extreme temperate ranges and pests can cause garage doors to warp. This can lead to garage flooding, termites and reduced energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are three easy ways to prevent your garage door from warping: One way is to periodically treat a wood garage door with a waterproof spray and insect repellent. Check with your garage door technician to determine which repellants are best suited for your door and re-apply according to manufacture instructions. A second option is to install a rubber door grip in the floor of your garage that will form a seal when the door is closed and comes into contact with the grip. A third option is to replace your wood garage door with a steel door. Safe-Way Garage Doors offers a selection of handsome steel garage doors, like our Madera Regency series, for example, that offer an authentic wood appearance.