Adding Windows on Your Garage Door

Adding windows to your garage door - Lakeland FL Garage Door ServiceAdding windows to your garage door is a stylish option that can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home. Leading home improvement experts from DIY Network and Better Homes and Gardens agree that enhancing the front exterior adds value to your home making it easier to sell. Garage door windows also bring in natural lighting which reduces energy costs when working in your garage.  And it is an inexpensive upgrade that only looks expensive.

While garage door windows have a high utility value, it does give outsiders the ability to peek inside your garage. You can practically eliminate this risk by simply choosing windows with tinted, opaque or frosted glass. With literally dozens of decorative window choices available finding one that will complement your home is easy.

Now that you’ve decided to get started on this smart home improvement project, you’re probably wondering just how to add windows to your garage door. There are essentially three ways to do this:

1. Window panel insert

Most garage doors are comprised of 5 or more panels that are bolted in place that allows the door to roll-up and down. Depending on the type of door you have, it may have horizontal or vertical panels. You can replace one or more of these panels with window panel inserts to achieve the desired appearance. Many homeowners install a window insert in the top panel to make it more difficult for outsiders to look inside.  When choosing a window panel insert it needs to match the type of garage door you have, such as steel, aluminum or metal, for example. Also, if you have an insulated garage door, you will need an insulated window insert. A word of caution: Replacing an existing panel with a window insert will also require the torsion spring to be replaced to properly balance the door. For this reason, professional installation is recommended. Otherwise it may affect the operation of your door which is a safety issue.

2. Decorative faux windows

Another option is to simply add decorative faux window designs to an existing garage door. There are a variety faux window options including magnetic panels that attach to metal garage doors and vinyl decals that can be applied to any type of garage door. While they are not real windows, they do have an authentic appearance from a distance.  Its an inexpensive way to boost your curb appeal, but it probably won’t add value to your home. You will want window panel inserts or a garage door replacement for that.

3. Garage door replacement

garage door replacementIn many cases, a garage door replacement is your best option, especially if it is damaged or is more than 10 years old. This home improvement project offers the biggest bang for the buck with an impressive 98% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine. Safe-Way Garage Doors has a variety of handsome garage doors in your choice of stunning designs, colors and window options. Some of the many window designs include sunrise, cathedral, center-diamond, arch and ranch, to name a few. Use the handy online door designer to match your window garage door design with your home style.