5 Reasons to Purchase an Insulated Garage Door – Even in Florida

insulated garage door install in lakeland flWhen shopping for a new garage door there are plenty of choices available. One of those choices is deciding whether to purchase an insulated garage door.  An insulated garage door is not just for cold climates. In warmer climates, it keeps the garage significantly cooler. But there are many other reasons to purchase an insulated garage door; yes, even in Florida too!

1. You converted your garage into a living space

If you’re one of the many homeowners that have converted the garage into an extra living space, chances are you have also installed an air conditioning and heating unit in the space.  But rising or falling temperatures outside means more extreme temperature conditions inside. This requires your air and heating unit to constantly work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Replacing an older non-insulated garage door with a new insulated door will reduce energy costs and maintain a more comfortable living space. And it will save wear and tear on your air conditioning unit too.

2. You spend a lot of time in your garage

Many homeowners spend much of their spare time in their garage. After all, it is where all the tools and hobby equipment are often stored. Unfortunately, the garage can be a downright unbearable place to be during the summer months. And opening the garage door or window doesn’t offer much of a reprieve when it’s over 90 degrees outside. An insulated steel garage door is a very effective barrier for moderating the indoor temperature while keeping the hot air outside where it belongs.

3. You want to maintain a comfortable temperature year round

The temperature inside the garage can be as much as 40 degrees warmer than it is outside in the summer without an insulated garage door. In Florida and other areas of the country, summertime outdoor temperatures can rise to well over 90◦F. And without an insulated garage door, the temperature inside your garage can rise to over 130◦F. Any vehicles, electronics or other expensive items stored inside your garage will also be affected by extreme temperature swings.  A Safe Way Ventana series tempered insulated garage door, for example, is customizable in a variety of styles and designs that not only looks impressive, but will keep your garage (and expensive toys) at a more comfortable temperature all year long.

4. You want a more secure garage door

An insulated garage door is stronger and more durable than a standard garage door. Safe Way Choice insulated wood garage doors feature two thick panels of wood sandwiched between a polystyrene core secured with hardwood panels. The strength and durability of these insulated doors performs well in all climates and will also increase the security of your garage making it a less viable entry point for unauthorized visitors.

winter haven fl insulated garage door repairs5. You want to reduce outside noise

When you are working in the garage or using at as a spare room, you know how distracting outside noise can be, especially if you happen to live on a busy street. An insulated garage door makes it more difficult for sound to penetrate effectively absorbing external noise at its inner core. This will dramatically reduce any outside noises. And if you happen to be a future rock star rehearsing in the garage for your next big gig, an insulated garage door is a must-have.  Your neighbors will probably appreciate it too.