5 Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

garage door professionalsWith the garage door being the primary entry and exit for most homeowners, it has become the proverbial front door. So, it’s understandable that when something breaks you want it fixed quickly. But rather than waiting for a garage door repair professional, some homeowners try to save time and money doing the repair themselves. After all, there is a lot of information (and mis-information) on the Internet. But it’s often not as easy to diagnose and fix a garage door issue as it may appear. Here are five reasons why you should never attempt a DIY Garage door repair:

Injuring Yourself or Others

The number one reason for avoiding DIY repair is that you or someone else can be seriously hurt. Your garage door is a large, heavy object that can weigh over 150 pounds. If the torsion springs snap or the door comes crashing down it cannot only injure you, it can injure someone else that happens to be in the way. And it can even result in death. More than 20,000 people are treated in the emergency room each year for a garage door related injury.

Causing More Harm to the Garage Door

Not all garage door symptoms are easy to spot, and there is often more than one reason for a problem. For example, you may misdiagnose a loose cable for a worn track resulting in a parts replacement that didn’t fix the original problem. And your DIY repair may even cause more expensive repairs if the cable should break. Garage door professionals have extensive training and experience to correctly diagnose the problem before attempting to repair or replace damaged or worn parts.

Installing the Wrong Parts

Garage doors have quite a few moving parts. And while one tension spring may look similar to others, they are not all the same. You need to have the right part for your specific garage door unit. Using the wrong part or improper installation can result in garage door failure, more expensive repairs and even injuries and property damage.

Lack of Professional Tools and Equipment

Since most homeowners are not expert repair professionals, they didn’t invest in the professional tools and equipment that is necessary to perform garage door repairs safely. A lack of professional tools and equipment can make it challenging to replace tension springs, tighten nuts and bolts and perform other repairs as safely and efficiently as an experienced garage door professional.

No Professional Training and ExperienceSafeway Garage Door Professionals

Many garage door repair professionals are trained, certified and accredited by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). This comprehensive program ensures garage door professionals have the skills and knowledge to correctly install, repair and replace the garage door system and components in a safe, ethical and professional manner with the highest quality of workmanship.

Stay safe! Contact Safe Way Garage Doors to find a local dealer in your area for garage door repairs and installation.